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Universal Decoder 1131

Universal Decoder 1131

Universal Decoder 1131

The Universal Decoder 1131 is freely programmable in terms of both its receiving address and its outlet switch time, and a special programming mode is incorporated in control centres with software version V2.12. and above for this purpose. The outlet switch times can be selected from 10 speeds from 0.2 seconds right through to continuous operation. Continuous operation is intended for use with the direct connection of light signals, thus four of the eight outlets are always active in this operating mode. The eight outlets are assigned to four pairs of address outlets. In continuous operation, the odd outlets are active (always the left-hand connector when connectors are lying upwards) in the home position (that is, after switching on the power supply) = stop (red).
For direct connections of motor-operated point mechanisms, switch times of 0.2 to 15 seconds can be programmed for the changeover time, thus eliminating the need for additional relay modules and their extra wiring.
For motor-operated point mechanisms we offer the type 1131 specialized for this using


The Switch-to-Ground Prinzip is to make it possible to use external power with higher voltage (up to 24V DC) for more powerfull switching and saving power from the trackswitch voltage source.

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Feedback Module 1151 without case

Feedback Module 1151 without case

Feedback Module 1151 without case

Specifically developed in accordance with modern model railway system requirements. Each feedback module has 8 isolated inlets, electrically separated from the electronic system by optocouplers. The feedback module is connected to the centre 1000 or 1100 using a separate 6-pin cable with modular plugs (8015-19). The feedback modules are simply connected in a row and so can be expanded to up to 32 modules. Thus, up to 256 feedback signals can be fed in. This includes in particular line occupied signals, track switches, track contacts, point position feedback signals, timers, switch keys and other switching operations. Switch keys can also be connected within the signal box for some specific applications (e.g. for track splitting, for operating special edition models and working models, etc.), in order to activate defined processes and automatic mechanisms. These are specified in advance in the central unit ‘Trackswitch’.

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Digital Start-brake-go slow Module 2025

Digital Start-brake-go slow Module 2025

Digital Start-brake-go slow Module 2025

This new development from 2015 is the ‘digital brother’ of its analogue counterparts. The module was designed for the DCC digital system. With this module, independent block section controls, as well as set-ups as go slow tracks, steep descents, in connection with 3-aspect signals as speed-dependent entries to/ exits out of train stations or other operationally necessary go slow areas are also possible. The integrated speed recognition controls the variable go slow passage, thus enabling pinpoint stopping. With a setting controller, calibration of the working sections of varying length is possible to a large extent. The respective start/ brake acceleration is individually set in the decoder CVs for each vehicle. With this module, digitally operated systems become hugely more convenient, avoiding the need to fall back on a computer and the necessary software.

Due to its easy controllability from the outside, this module is ideally suited to integration into systems which use the Trackswitch control system, and multiple 2025 modules can be combined in a cascade to create an independent block system without the need for additional electronic wiring or equipment. Even the block signals (light signals) can be directly connected. Thanks to built-in delays, operation with the 2025 module is particularly realistic. The train only sets off once the signal has been green for 3 seconds. The segment being left is only declared as free 5 seconds after being vacated by the last vehicle.

Transit in the opposite direction at a red signal is possible both at normal and go slow speed.

And the best bit – for all of these features and functions, you do not need a specialised decoder! Any DCC decoder can be used, as the previously required braking systems for DCC digital (ABC, brakes with direct current, etc.) are not needed here.


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4000 Trackswitch ID Manager

4000 Trackswitch ID Manager

The ID Manager is used for writing, testing und reading transponders. Transponders are available in the form of self-adhesive paper or foil, similar to a lable. These transponders are ideal for use on model railways. But this technology is also ideally suited  for cataloguing, marking and marking various objects in collections. Suitable transponders can also be obtained from us.

With the ID Manager, such transponders (IEC 14443) can be written with a four-digit number. These restriction to four digits result from the possibility of the display module 9086 to display only four-digit numbers. This means that it is possible to distinguish between 10.000 (0000 to 9999) different objects (locomotives, wagons etc.). Transponders can be rewritten as often as required.

With the exception of metal, transponders can be read or writtten through all materials up to a thickness of 8-10mm.

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4010 read module

4010 read module

Read modul consisting of two components. Antenna board and reading electronics, connected with enclosed cable. Mounted under a model railway track, it is used to read out RFID transponders quided over it. Range up to 30mm. Read-out data are output via the Trackswitch feedback bus either to the Trackswitch control panel, to a display module 9086 directly with cable 8030 (2m, other lengths possible) or via an adapter cable to any S88 feedback system.

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Module 9030 Signal module for right-hand traffic. Green / Red - signal picture

Module 9030 Signal module for right-hand traffic. Green / Red - signal picture

Module 9030

Signal module for right-hand traffic. Green / Red - signal picture


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